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Contrary to popular belief, we're not clairvoyant and even if we were it's doubtful we could take photos of events that are yet to happen. As such, in today's issue in which we champion the forthcoming Eye Candy Festival - an annual event including live art demonstrations - we're limited to showing you completed work from the artists that'll be present, rather than work they're yet to start. That's sort of how the concept of time works, really. Anyway, on previous form, it's going to be ace...


Returning for the second year on the spin, Miss Led produced this piece of art on a car park wall at last year's event, whilst battling against horizontal rain conditions. Her signature style focuses on stunning imagery, usually of women, and if this is what she can do in stinging sleet, imagine what she can do indoors. Miss Led's inevitably brilliant piece will be created at the foyer of Boxxed and she'll also be hosting a masterclass, which you need to book.


Tell you what there's not nearly enough of in this God forsaken world: Three metre tall, 3D furry characters, that's what. Fortunately Felt Mistress will present The Great Advisor, one of her brilliantly odd, trademark figures, like the ones above. If this doesn't bring a smile to your face you may want to check your pulse. The character will be at Boxxed for all three days.   


A collection of illustrators and graphic designers from across the country, these guys will produce a huge live mural which will evolve throughout the course of the event. They created this piece, above, for Eye Candy 2012. Oh and one of their artists is called Mr The Beef, which is basically all the convincing we need.


Hands up if you've animated and directed a music video for Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, M.I.A and Azealia Banks? Keep your hand up if you've done artwork for Samsung, Vogue, Adidas and Elle. If your hand is still up then you're either global street art phenomonen Fafi or you're telling porky pies. With a Parisian cheeky vibe (we really can't pull off the word "vibe", can we?) she'll be producing a brand new street piece at an as yet unconfirmed location, as well as running this masterclass


Creator of Brum's much beloved Geo Fox during Eye Candy 2013, multi-disciplinary artist and designer Anna Garforth will return to create a top secret, six panel piece at the front of Boxxed, this time in collaboration with furniture maker and set designer Dale Stephens. Here's hoping it becomes just as permanent as its wily sibling.  

Eye Candy Festival is free and takes place November 13 to 15  


British arthouse Tsar, Mike Leigh, could get mad props for films about Jim Broadbent grumbling about the weather, so it’s great to see the director stretch himself for this terrific film about JMW Turner. Timothy Spall is sensational as the painter – a million miles from the safe, square chocolate box artist you may imagine, this is a portrait of the artist as a grunting, huffing dog-man, constantly seconds away from winding up lesser artists or, ironically, grumbling about the weather. Covering the second half of Turner’s life, it’s a pitch-perfect recreation of a fascinating period looking at how Turner’s paintings were actually created. It's way more compelling than any BBC 4 insomnia cure. Sure to be leading Britain’s charge at the 2015 Oscars, this is yet another important film from a true British master. That said, if you’re in the mood for a wallow in less elevated subject matter, there’s always Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler. He’s terrific as a loathsome paparazzi stalking nighttime LA, but you will feel like you need a shower afterward. 


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery are hosting a new exhibition of 81 works by some of the region’s most exciting new and established artists with some jaw-dropping original pieces. Highlights in our opinion include this not at all creepy slide projection, this piece that was created using smoke and a very moving sculpture by James Wilkes that you can see here. Hidden away amongst the visually encapsulating and oft intense pieces, however, is something that made us laugh heartily. Above is a rejection letter from Birmingham City Council informing artist Dan Auluk that he'd been unsuccessful in his bid to be featured in the 2010 West Midlands Open. Having screwed it up he submitted it for the 2014 exhibition and sure enough made the cut. Think it's lacking in artistic value? The works have been selected by an expert judging panel, including Turner Prize-nominated artist Roger Hiorns. Three pieces of the 81 have been selected for a prize and you can see them over on our Facebook page. It's free to visit with the show ending February 15.


If you've never attended fine dining supper club Two Cats Roaming then now's probably the time. The eastern European influenced chefs are set to takeover the downstairs of the always brilliant 6/8 Kafé with their first low-energy, raw dinner night. Electricity is forbidden in both service and preparation with any cooked item (including bread) done on a barbecue. Ancient processes of preserving, fermenting and pickling will be used and you can expect anything from salted mackerel in wax flower oil served with curds, samphire and shaved truffle (pictured) to tartare of game and lumpfish roe, beetroot and buttermilk gazpacho, jelly, kale and apple, although the menu is not set until the night. Expect raw things. Sensitive to raw things? You probably won't like it. November 19, tickets £30.
Venue: Rodizio Rico, The Cube, Birmingham; www.rodiziorico.com
Choice: Full Prime Cut BBQ Meat (£25)  Chooser: Manager

A return flight to Rio costs £600. And you have to change. Twice. Save yourself six hundred big ones by embracing Rodizio Rico. Yes - meat on a stick is a thing again and, from pork rib to picanha (cap of rump steak), this Brazillian grill is leading the stampede. A fleet of passadors wielding rather sizeable knives ensure the safe passage of your prime cuts (and chicken hearts) from charcoal grill and rotisserie, via skewer, to plate. The only task beholden upon you is to take advantage of the mighty selection of salads and sides on offer (atop a boat, no less) but we won’t judge you if the crispy edges of the leg of lamb or the oh-so juicy sirloin precludes a second helping of greens. In fact, we’ll never judge you because - we don't say this enough but - you’re ace, you are. 
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"If I could find anything blacker than black, I'd use it." ― J.M.W. Turner.

WORDS: Katy Drohan, Andrew Lowry

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