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The bad news is we've devised Birmingham's first ever emoji quiz, and there is no good news. We've used only Apple emoticons (and some letters) and your job is to name these 30 Brum areas and landmarks. There's some restaurants and bars in the mix, too. Answers in next week's email, so make sure you're subscribed. If you're still confused here's how it works


It's been a while since we ate in the Jekyll & Hyde's gin parlour. The art of drinking we've completed regularly and with Biden-like distinction but in terms of dining, the team had slipped off our foo-dar. Enter left, chef Tom Harrison, who took over the kitchen in September. Enter right, a finance friendly fixed price menu, running throughout what categorically is the longest month of the year. Talking of which, the burnt leeks in onion broth are a sweet, flavour-filled bowl of goodness which is pretty much the culinary equivalent of flicking winter the Vs. Whether to go hake or lamb for mains is a decision which won't yield the wrong result. Both dishes were the sort we'd expect from a full-time restaurant, not a place primarily working gin miracles. Hallelujah.


A biopic of Jackie Kennedy is a prospect rife with the danger of becoming a glib fashion-show-as-history. Director Pablo Larraín skips over these pitfalls with aplomb in this impressionistic meditation on grief that approaches its subject with immense sensitivity, but never reverence. Leaping between before and after JFK’s murder, this is as far as you can imagine from the obvious idea of how to treat history’s most swish First Lady. Brit Mica Levi’s score suggests the dark forces that lurk under the most primped pillbox hat, and Natalie Portman is astonishing as lead – giving several layers of performance at once, and somehow sounding like a Kennedy without ever doing an impression. There’s never been a look at a historical figure quite like this.


Mughlai (not a typo) cuisine has its roots in North Indian and Central Asian cooking, and started to be developed back in the realms of medieval India. Now you've learnt something, how's about a deal? A second-generation family operation run by two brothers, Mughli Market's got 25% off its food menu on weekdays in January, an offer that was subject to the approval of the pair's number one adviser — their Mum. And if you show the team this email, they'll extend the discount right through the weekends, for tables of up to four. Dealing in street food style Mughlai staples, you'll get the most out of the small plates of traditional puffs, pastries and skewers (from £3.50) if you're one of life's sharers. No judgment shall pass if it's a plate of food all to yourself that is required. There's a selection of slow-cooked curries to get close to, which have been perfected over the years Mughli has operated on Manchester's Curry Mile. Or go grilled with dishes like red snapper, kaffir lime and Thai basil (£9.90) or lamb chops with tamarind and honey glaze (pictured, £10.50). Open in Selfridges' Food Hall from 12pm daily. T&C apply


Matthew Bourne's latest mind-enlarging balletic endeavour opens next month. And if that's news to you, there's some follow-up. Feb dates for The Red Shoes have sold out online. But we've found salvation in the form of our femme-focused sister title, Bell & Smokey. Subscribe by midday, January 30 to what critics are probably calling the most beautiful weekly email you ever did see, and you'll automatically be entered in the ticket draw, for a pair of seats at the 7 February performance. The Hippodrome are throwing in drinks and everything. Ain't that nice?
Venue: Lobster Peninsula, 74 John Bright Street, B1 1BN; website
Choice: Lobster chowder (£9.75) Chooser: Alex, Manager

Loveliness. It's not a common word in the "You Choose" vernacular. When it comes to the team at Lobster Peninsula it is however entirely accurate. Every exchange left us wondering whether to go in for a hug — even asking for extra napkins turned into a pleasure. On the subject of which, if it's the LP Platter (£35 pp, pictured) you're planning to graze on, just make the request upfront — between the langoustine, grilled lobster and mussels, it's a markedly messy operation. For your pre-platter picnicking, and a dish we enjoyed more than the platter, focus the mind on the lobster chowder. A creamy bowl of diced veg, and rather more importantly, chunks of Scottish lobster, this bowl of delicious is a comforting hot water bottle of a meal all by itself. But we pushed through to the platter in the name of reputation. And particularly until Feb 28, it's the time to do the same if you're tempted — Lobster Peninsula's giving 50% off all food right through chilly season. T&C
  • Get all Burnsy and Nighty at The Church or The Plough
  • Painfully honest is Josh Howie's breed of stand-up. Find him at The Glee on Feb 2
  • We've all got a friend treading the edge of sanity, wedding planning. Treat them to a night of lovely, covering rings and dress selection with JQ Fusion's wedding spotlight on Feb 1. It's £10
  • In what was probably the worst kept secret of 2016, two Michelin-starred Atul Kochhar is opening in the Mailbox later this year
  • Obstacle courses are ace. Run a 5k creation in Cofton Park this May which includes a five-storey inflatable of nearly 200 feet. More
"I am a woman above everything else." - Jackie Kennedy Onassis
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Words: Katy Drohan, Andrew Lowry, Tom Cullen Inspiration: Jodie Cook

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