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For weeks (beautiful, beautiful weeks) we've been tasting and testing the most stunning savoury sauces made right here in the West Midlands. Finally, we have whittled it down to five. Behold, Birmingham's best condiments. Pass the ketchup?


All Brummies need this smoky, garlicky chilli sauce in their kitchens. The perfect heat for most palates, it works on many a dish. Having made La Boca (the first of her five sauces)for fun, company owner Pip took it with her to The Plough (Harborne) to use on her pizza. The manager spotted her, tasted it and placed an order for 120 bottles. The rest is history. Available: Here (£3.50, pipshotsauce.co.uk


If you haven't tried the pork pie and pickle at Pure Bar & Kitchen yet, get to it. So enamoured were we with the dish that we tracked down the people behind both the pie and the pickle: Poachers. Made by hand with ingredients grown in allotments in Staffordshire, eat it with any pie or quiche, or spoon into your curry to add a sublime sweetness. 


It's time you stopped squirting excessively sweet ketchup all over your food and tried Cuffufle's beautiful tomato sauce. Made with loads of organic tomatoes, onion, garlic, celery and spices, it kicks Heinz's a*se all ends up. Match it with Cuffufle's cider mustard and Squisito Deli sausages for the best sausage sandwich you've ever eaten. Available: Here
(£3, cuffufle.co.uk)


A multi-talented sauce it works as a dip and a marinade and should become acquainted to your chicken and fish, ASAP. Mother and daughter team Monica and Lee founded Tan Rosie in 2010 creating Caribbean food inspired by family recipes from Grenada. Rather excitingly they also do Supper Clubs, which we're booking ourselves into immediately. Will report back. 
AvailableHere (£2.80, tanrosie.com)


For real chilli-heads only, it's made using the Carolina Reaper, the world's hottest chilli. The jar even comes emblazoned with the Guinness World Records emblem. The base of the chutney is lemon combined with onion, cider vinegar, sultanas and mustard seed (why not add more heat?). Eat with cold meat and icy beer. Available: Harborne Farmer's Market, April 12. (£1.25, minijarcompany.co.uk


If The Rep Theatre were a footballer it could be described as being in a rich vein of form, right now. Time to put up or shut up if you're serious about getting tickets to the first ever UK production of Joseph Heller’s dramatisation of his own classic novel Catch-22, which has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. The new staging is directed by two-time Obie Award-winning Rachel Chavkin and runs from May 20 to 24. Tickets from £12.50. 
Even more pressing is the last few tickets for Julius Caesar, on tomorrow (April 5) priced at just £5. The two performances (4pm and 7pm) form part of a double bill with Hansel And Gretel remake A Murder Of Crows


Powerful artwork is on its way to the mac. Showing as of tomorrow (April 5) is Nadia Kisseleva’s Document - a series of portraits of people imprisoned during the Stalinist era Soviet Union. The persecution apparent on their expressions (pictured) is utterly haunting. Admission is free and it ends June 5. 
Perhaps even more difficult, but equally important is the mac's forthcoming Black Smoke Rising, by Belfast sculptor Tim Shaw. Shaw’s first solo exhibition in a major public gallery it includes his sculpture Casting a Dark Democracy - based on the infamous 2004 photograph of a prisoner in Abu Ghraib. It's free (April 12 to June 8). 
Venue: The Village, Moseley, thevillagemoseley.co.uk
Choice: Aubrey's Faggots (£11.95) Chooser: Head chef

Can't begin to tell you how liberating it is ask others to do the food ordering. The head chef at The Village recommended his faggots and we'll kiss him (tongues) when we see him. Succulent, bursting with a herby smack and perfectly pink inside, they're not just good, they're one of Moseley's finest main courses. Rich onion gravy laps along the shore of perfectly fluffy mash with a rockery of well cooked root veg. Wow. Also, the Chocolate Caramel Indulgence Cake (£3 per slice) was world-endingly wonderfully. Click pic above for full menu. 


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