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It's sad, but it's true. L.S. Lowry died in 1976 at the age of 88. So chances are this isn't a Lowry original.
In fact it's the work of oil painter, John Wilson, it's on display at 
Castle Fine Art, in the ICC and it's yours for £3250. Wilson himself is making an appearance tomorrow (Saturday 2 November) between 11am and 3pm to present his new collection, ‘In His Footsteps,’ inspired by Lowry.  
And the library's not his only Birmingham-based painting. This beautiful depiction of the Gas Street basin - for our money the pick of the pair - has already sold for £7250 to a couple who used to live in Brindley Place, but have moved overseas. 
There are a limited edition of 50 framed prints of the Gas Street Basin work that cost £595. Castle Fine Art expect them to sell and to sell fast. 
Limited edition prints of the library are expected in the not too distant future, while other Wilson prints start at £295.
Of course you don't have to spend any money. Entry is free. 


Celebrating ten years as a Birmingham resident, Capital FM Breakfast host Dan Kelly tells us the parts of the city he loves, that you may not know about
Dionysos Souvlaki Bar, Bearwood
There’s not enough great Greek restaurants in Birmingham. I know this because I love Greek food. Dionysos Souvlaki popped up not long ago and it's easily the best in the entire city. If you're one of those folks that likes to buy tzatziki from the dips section of the supermarket, head here and get a proper one. Not only is it cheaper, it's a million times tastier."
Edgbaston Reservoir, Ladywood
"Okay, so at 58 acres and 300million gallons, the reservoir itself is not exactly a hidden gem. But what you might not know is that it's incredible for keeping fit. It's basically a free gym. A 1.75 mile run around the edge includes an abundance of chin up bars and other obstacles, which can be used to improvise your workout. So, having no money is no longer an excuse to be a porker."
Milque and Muhle, Custard Factory
"A cracking little independent record store. Recently opened it's a haven for anyone who, like me, likes to spend long hours sifting through some of the most eclectic music ever made. Do yourself a favour and get yourself there, take your wallet and buy some rare music. They've got vinyl, cassettes, music fanzines, comics and, occasionally, some lovely art prints." Milqueandmuhle.co.uk
The Yardbird, Paradise Forum
"I walked past this place almost everyday for 10 years before I finally popped my head in one evening. Man, I wish I'd done so sooner. If you fancy a cheeky drink and some live music there's not much better than The Yardbird. Mark my words. And they have some great talent on. Last year, before he rocketed to stardom, Yardbird had Jake Bugg performing." 
Stirlings Bar, Ludgate Hill
Quite simply the best Sunday lunches I’ve had in this fair city. Yorkshire puddings the size of your head, full chickens you carve yourself and the fact it’s delivered to your table on a massive wooden chopping board is the icing on the, erm, roast? I’ve heard they do a belter of an Old Skool night too, but there's a chance I'm a little biased. I host the bloody thing. Stirlingsbar.co.uk
Dan's breakfast show is on Capital FM (102.2) from 6am to 10am
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