Spielberg Blockbuster Coming to Brum

Spielberg Blockbuster Coming to Brum

Cameras set to roll on biggest movie ever to shoot in Birmingham

Scenes from Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros' upcoming sci-fi thriller Ready Player One will shoot in the Jewellery Quarter in September.

The adaptation of the best-selling novel by Ernest Cline stars Hollywood heavyweights Simon Pegg, Olivia Cooke, Mark Rylance and Tye Sheridan. It centres around a seriously grim dystopian future in America, in 2044, where everyone lives in stacks. Stacks look like this...

Fortunately a virtual and much nicer utopia known as the OASIS exists. In OASIS people live, go to school, go to work, everything, always looking to escape the horrendous reality. And one "player" of this virtual game finds himself beset by other players trying to kill him when he stumbles on a clue, in the game, that can lead him to greatness.

The Birmingham Mail reported yesterday that residents in the JQ had received letters telling them work will begin on transforming Brum into a futuristic USA on August 22, with filming starting on September 5.

A movie industry source told I Choose Birmingham. "It's definitely Ready Player One. Crew listed on IMdb [The internet Movie Database] are also listed on Linkedin as working for Deep Blue, who are the production company behind the film. There are no other movies set in the US future, in production, in the UK. It's a huge movie that's heading your way."

It will be without doubt the biggest film to have scenes shot in Birmingham and follows shooting of action scenes of Kingsman: The Golden Circle , in Brum, in May.

Spielberg is directing and producing while Cline has co-written the screenplay.

The source told I Choose: "Birmingham is a serious option for Hollywood. Costs of shooting in London are extortionate and Birmingham is actively courting major movie production."

The film is set for release in 2018.