Interiors, cocktails, pudding, oh my

Never exactly shrinking violets when it comes to interior design or food and drink theatre, Brum's modern Chinese Instagram-heaven, Tattu, has gone 'all in' on Christmas.

Their already wow-zy pink Japanese blossom that bedecks the main dining area have turned an icy blue and, I might be wrong, but seemingly swelled in size. Despite the chilly appearance the sheer mass of the thing provides the same muffled cosiness that snow sometimes can, while a colossal space of wall above the kitchen has been clad with a digital display that shows gently falling snow and, at certain points, Aurora Borealis as seen from Mohe, the only spot in China where people can witness the Northern Lights.

Speaking of Aurora, that's also the name borrowed by Tattu's wildest cocktail to date, in my opinion. Crafted to reflect a luminous night’s sky Aurora is an indulgent blend of Grey Goose, white chocolate and sparkling cherry, served in an elegant closh which, when lifted, reveals a wintery nutmeg aroma. The bubble on top (pictured) isn't just a wobbling blob of social meeejah gold but, when popped, spills a cherry aroma across the table.

The cherry theme continues into dessert where the Mount Heng Flambe hits with both style and substance. Combining baked Alaska with Maraschino cherry, hazelnuts, coconut and meringue, the entire mini mountain is set ablaze, briefly, with Calvados, which just so happens to be my absolute favourite digestif — so I was beaming from ear to flipping ear when a lazy slug of the good stuff was added, ensuring you could still taste it long after the flames had come to rest. If there's a restaurant in Birmingham that offers more of a multi-sensory, astonishingly immersive experience, then I don't know of it.

Check out my first ever Instagram Reel (oooh check me) for just a few of the frosty flourishes on offer and head here to book.