Tuesdays, on Colmore Row

Every now and then a Brum restaurant will do something that feels perfectly made for the I Choose Birmingham audience. This is one of those times.

Colmore Row's Six by Nico has introduced a new 10-course dining concept menu, TRUST, which will only be available on Tuesdays, from now to May 14. Spaces are limited, and bookings are live right here.

Here's the deal: Guests will be asked to sit back and place their TRUST in the kitchen team, for 10 courses, priced at a ludicrously affordable £45. On arrival you'll be given a blank menu and diners will be encouraged to guess and write down their thoughts on the dish’s elements, before being revealed to them by the staff at the end. For those who wish to know beforehand, you can request to see it, but you're encouraged not to… and trust in the chefs.

Never the same meal twice, the TRUST menu begins with an amuse bouche, highlighting local ingredients, then diners will get to enjoy individual courses like pasta, lamb, asparagus or fish — or not! You just don't know.

TRUST represents the first step in the evolution of Nico's Six concept. The Six by Nico brand has been around for seven years, and with a dedicated fanbase, Nico and his team are now pushing the culinary boundaries with new creative ideas to satisfy their audience's appetite and keep their guests delighted even longer. TRUST will be the first of several exclusive, one-day-a-week experiences developed for specific restaurant locations and, I suspect, makes for an incredible date night.

Founder of Six by Nico, Nico Simeone, said, "Our team of Chefs are always finding creative, interesting ways to work with ingredients that will not only excite them but our guests too. In recent years the food scene has seen the rise of multiple cuisines and cooking styles. With TRUST, our chefs can explore these food trends and present them in their own way, as part of a tasting menu to our customers." Book