Two Cats Takeover at Rose Villa Tavern

Two Cats Takeover at Rose Villa Tavern

Vodka, Cats and Dodgy Russian Presidents

You know how tequila slammers are the devil's work and should be avoided at all and every cost? Well, while watching the latest season of House of Cards we spotted a moment in which the Russian President leads a table full of political fat cats in a vodka shot that includes eating a pickled gherkin and smelling (yes,smelling) fresh bread. We were intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, with that we devised an entire meal around this drink. Here be your invite.

Okay, to be honest, we haven't devised the meal. Two Cats Kitchen — Brum's runaway culinary success story of 2015 — have conjured up a five-course Russian tapas menu that includes shots of Auksta Zupa: Cold beetroot and buttermilk gazpacho (pictured above), a really appetising sounding dish called Pork Fat (smoked, salted and whipped) and Shuba, which involves herrings, smoked sausage and Russian mayo. We're not totally sure what makes this different to the Hellmann's variety. Also on the menu is goat cheese pelmeni (pictured below) and Stroganoff - smoked beef croquette, pickled mushrooms, kefir and Hungarian paprika. So you'll be coming, right?

The Rose Villa Tavern is our venue of choice, thanks to their almost concerningly close relationship with vodka. They'll be getting you acquainted with two cocktails (one a wild twist on a Martini, the other a quirky vodka tonic made with diced radish and micro red amaranth), an iced neat vodka over lemon balm and what may well come to be known simply as 'that shot' (below). All four drinks come as part of the ticket price and will be made with the closest thing to a fairy tale that the vodka family has to offer, Snow Queen. Oh and those ever so obliging folk from Staying Cool at the top of the Rotunda will be offering one diner a night (and we're assuming at least part of a day) in one of their cityscape capturing Clubman rooms.

We'll also be giving away a blooming great magnum of Snow Queen at the event onMay 15. And though you don't need to have any interest in House of Cards, a passing interest in vodka is probably best. This is the second event by our Companies House brethren, Crushed & Cubed. Their first event was a sellout and we're expecting this one to fly off the shelves, too. Not literally. There are no shelves involved. Tickets (at £25 worth of the Queen's paper), right here.