Two Cats Takeover the RVT

Two Cats Takeover the RVT

With a little help from Snow Queen Vodka

Don't shoot the messenger, but you probably missed out on something rather stupendous. Our events company, Crushed & Cubed, decided that a party that married premium vodka Snow Queen, with Birmingham's best vodka bar, the Rose Villa Tavern and Two Cats Kitchen, creators of all singing, all (Cossack) dancing Russian tapas, might be a decent idea. They were right. They were oh so right.

Two Cats crafted an incredible five-course menu that included shots of Auksta Zupa: Cold beetroot and buttermilk gazpacho, a dish called Pork Fat (smoked, salted and whipped) and Shuba, which involved herrings, smoked sausage and Russian mayo. Also on the menu was goat cheese pelmeni and Stroganoff - smoked beef croquette, pickled mushrooms, kefir and Hungarian paprika.

The Rose Villa Tavern and Crushed & Cubed's cocktail specialists combined to craft a quaffable array of drinks that included a wild twist on a Martini that included louvage and chartreuse, a quirky vodka tonic made with diced radish and micro red amaranth, an iced neat vodka over lemon balm and a traditional Russian shot that included smelling warm bread and munching on a pickle. Because tequila slammers are *so* last decade.

Oh and those charming chaps from Staying Cool (at the top of the Rotunda) gave away a night in one of their cityscape capturing rooms, while Snow Queen sent one diner home with a magnum of their good stuff. All done with playing cards. Old school, like.

The lesson? You should really, definitely, truly come to the next Crushed & Cubed event. They'll always be announced in our weekly mail out.

Photos: David Stanley (GuriBosh)