"You Choose" - Annexe

Every week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Annexe, 220 Corporation Street, B4 6QB; website
Choice: Black truffle & chicken velouté (3 courses is £39) Chooser: Waiter

Early in the week atmosphere comes guaranteed at but a fistful of Brum's bistros. Dining with Annexe early on a Tuesday evening, in the middle of holiday season, might have sounded like a toughie, and yet the team delivered that hard to reach intangible around buzziness, without a hint of the frenetic. The menu has changed entirely since our last visit, with a set price three or five courses full of combinations that felt like they had been designed for us — deliberations, in concert with the kitchen, hit the half hour mark before our order was placed. And though, taken together, it felt like the dishes could have done with a bit more roughage and range to break through a pretty uniform richness, on their own, there were some podium finishes. The black truffle in chicken velouté was the out and out victor of the evening, with a depth of flavour so gratifying it induced table-wide food envy and an immediate decision that a repeat visit would be occurring. Ideal for small groups and non-boring dates, all the wine matches we were sampled were très bon. Menu