"You Choose" - The Blue Piano

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

When Siew Kuan and her husband decided to launch a Southeast Asian restaurant, Siew's starting point was the family recipes she distinctly remembered as superior to the food she received at her friend's homes, growing up in Singapore. Based on the recipe Siew's sister perfected at her hawker stall, the "carrot cake" is in fact a homemade savoury rice cake (taken as a starter) which adeptly and surprisingly combines carrot, mooli, chilli and a mixture of spices the kitchen are not for revealing. Topped off with a bit more chilli, spring onion, egg and Asian radish, the dish is street food at its absolute best—gloriously fresh, dripping with authenticity and providing textures and tastes that, simply put, will make your mouth whoop. The big hitting beef rendang nasi lemak (Edgbaston's answer to a traditional Malay picnic) and the grilled black peppered pork ribs were also both serious contenders for the pick this week. Listen to Siew and you can't fail to order well. Menu