"You Choose" - Bonehead x Dishoom

Once a month we walk into a restaurant and ask the staff to order for us

Venue: Bonehead, 8 Lower Severn St, B1 1PU; website
Choice: Bonehead x Dishoom Limited Edition Burger with waffle fries (£16.50) Chooser: Bonehead, and Dishoom. 

Bonehead needs UNESCO protected status, immediately. Anywhere that's cool enough to catch the eye of Indo-Persian cafe and godsend of a chain, Dishoom, is alright by me. So alright, in fact, that there's only one man on Earth who enjoys Bonehead more than I and his name is Moose. I don't have time to go into that just now.

What I do have time to go into though, is this burger. Dishoom have forever been very focused on charitable projects and this is one such thing. At £16.50 a pop, £1 from each sale will go to Acorns Children's Hospice, and you'll get your burger, waffle fries and two dips. 

The burger is a meeting of minds and a JOY TO THE WORLD, sang in primary school falsetto. Dishoom put forward their best dish (in my opinion) to be made into a burger by fried chicken Gods — and they are Gods — Bonehead. The chilli chicken at Dishoom is the best in Birmingham, and yes I've eaten them all. Without exception. Second place is Covered Wagon, third is Zindiya, I can do this all the way to tenth but, again, we don't have time to go into it.

Bonehead do their job right (frying chicken how we like it) but caps are eternally doffed to Dishoom this time around, because all the sauces are their work and they are a masterclass in condimentology. The chilli sauce on the burger, on my visit, could have been a little sweeter but those two metallic ramekins of relish are rock and rollers. The waffle fries want to go in the bright orange number — lime and zing going gah-gah — while the burger wants to meet the moodier sauce for richness and sweet.

Fair play to Dishoom for climbing into bed with a Brum independent (you wouldn't see The Ivy do that, for example) but mostly hats off to Bonehead, who deserve a spot right in the middle of town, six times the size of what they have now.

You'll tell your grandkids about this burger.

Served May 1 to 12 at Bonehead only