"You Choose" - Bottega Bar

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Bottega Prosecco Bar, Resorts World, Birmingham, B40 1NT; website
Choice: Salumi e formaggi (£10) Chooser: Roberta, bar manager

Whisper it but we reckon Italian just about pips Brummie in the global list of top accents. And when Bottega bar manager Roberta began to talk us through the menu there were men and women, gay and straight alike dropping to one knee and immediately proposing marriage. Politely, she declined, but did the next best thing, by bringing the salumi e formaggi board. King of the cured meats was San Daniele prosciutto which, in foodie circles, is almost universally considered to be a step up from prosciutto di Parma on the entirely fictional ham-o-meter. This extraordinary sliver of pork is worth the 10 minute train to Resorts World in its own right, while its bed fellows, the prosciutto cotto and mortadella were also superb. Some choice cheesiness followed with gorgonzola, goats cheese and Millefoglie al Marzamemi all accompanied by a jar of chutney made from maple syrup, honey and pecans nuts. You'll love that chutney. You'll love it deep down in your shoes. Menu