"You Choose" - British Oak

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: British Oak, 1364 Pershore Road, Stirchley, B30 2XS; website

Choice: Seared mackerel, celeriac textures (£5) Chooser: Helen (manager)

Two summers ago, we ordered a pizza at the British Oak. It was woefully undercooked and an altogether unpleasant experience - and so - we stuck to the slightly warm ale and stonker of a beer garden from that point on. Enter left: the team behind the Prince of Wales and Dark Horse. Now under new ownership of the best kind, the menu at the B.O. has been transformed - think pink pigeon from Steve at Johnstans butchers, a confit orange cheesecake with honeycomb ice-cream of elating proportions and our pick, the seared mackerel. Charred and the right amount crispy on the outside but ebulliently moist on the inside, the celeriac textures (a fondant and a puree) add both bite and contrast, while the tea-soaked raisins bring a welcome tangy sweetness. Good food that will be made great once the much needed refurb of the dining room is complete (it starts at the end of the month), try it now, but wait for the ambiance to catch up with the food if you're in special occasion territory. We're hearing hella good things about Sunday lunch. Sample menu