"You Choose" — The Brown Lion

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Brown Lion, 18 Hall Street, Hockley, B18 6BS; website
Choice: Twisted New Yorker (£7.50) Chooser: The owner

We don't want to get into a semantic argument about what constitutes a burger, but if we did, we'd contend that a patty of some kind were absolutely critical in the composition of the dish. Naughty, naughty Brown Lion, for calling their Twisted New Yorker a "burger" before cramming it with pastrami, Monterey Jack, mustard mayo, slaw and a fried egg, but no patty. They were immediately forgiven, mind, because the sandwich was good. Better than good. So enamoured were we with the third mouthful that we started re-enacting the shimmy-shimmy-cocoa-pop dance from Big in the direction of our baffled guest. Hit hard by the German Market the pub was underservingly quiet, so pop in and enjoy the space, while supporting an independent outfit who have completely transformed an historically atrocious boozer. Oh and if there's any jerk chicken on the menu, get it ordered. The chef prides himself on his rub, (the bird is cooked traditionally in a drum) and despite a Caribbean restaurant opening right next door they are sticking with it. And stick with it they should because it's smoky-nice. Menu