"You Choose" — Buffalo & Rye

If you like sandwiches, we've got some good news

Venue: Buffalo & Rye, 11 Bennetts Hill, B2 5RE; website

Choice: French Dip (£7.95) Chooser: The Manager

Sandwiches are, like Lil Wayne, a global sort of a deal. Far be it for us to accuse burger and rib nerds Buffalo & Rye of being late to the party, but their new sanger-specific menu is their first foray into the cob world, some 340-odd years since they were sort of invented in Holland. In better news, it was worth the wait. Dipping gravies are now a big thing in Brum (the Brown Lion led the way) and B&R's French Dip — thinly sliced home-smoked and salt cured beef with smoked cheddar — comes with a sweet, meaty pot of richness into which you plunge your packed Peel & Stone sub. If this is all sounding a little heavy or, you know, it's Monday, the crayfish and smashed avocado on sliced white (£7.25) is the light and luscious antidote. And if you're in a hardshake kind of a place, the mint chocolate with Kraken spiced rum (£7) will whisk your mouth away to John O'Groats. Top-tip: If you work nearby and pre-order, Buffalo will walk your sandwiches over to your office. Menu