You Choose: Char Siu at Chung Ying Central

You Choose: Char Siu at Chung Ying Central

Possibly the planet's cutest dish

"You Choose" - Where we ask the staff to order for us

Venue: Chung Ying Central, 126 Colmore Row; B3 3AP; Website
Choice: Char Siu Buns (£4) Chooser: Manager

You know the floating clouds that turtle-like fishermen ride upon in the weird world of Super Mario Kart? If you catch one and crack it open, steamed, sweet pork spills out. Probably. This was the surreal consensus achieved in a dreamlike state while guiltily guzzling upon the planet's cutest food: Char Siu. And if we haven't lost you by now, you're our kind of reader. It was a Mondaylunch time (and busy, which for a Monday speaks volumes) and these mouthfuls of meaty nebulosity turned early-week mopes into excitable high-fives. Chung Ying's city centre outpost is an oft-underrated diamond that brings dim sum into the heart of town every day of the week and, if you twin Char Siu with their ambrosial parcels of 'beef with ginger and spring onion' (also £4), you're on to a winner. Hot and sour soup also a wintery triumph. Tell Luigi.

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