"You Choose" — The Distillery

Comes with real life heron

Venue: The Distillery, 4 Sheepcote Street, B16 8AE; website

Choice: Lamb Shawarma (£12.50) Chooser: Waitress

Ever tried to stare out a heron? You won't win, but you can now eat happy, oaky plates while you attempt to, from The Distillery's huuuuge, bricky, canalside locale. And be sure to opt for the slow roasted lamb's leg shawarma while you do. Served with house flat bread, garlic yoghurt and a tangy tomato harissa sauce, the lamb is at once charry, pink and mouth meltingly finished, as well as being deceptively filling. If you can work out what the brush which accompanies the dish is for, let us know — we went full on handsy and dippy with the extras, which is totally allowed when it comes to Levantine cuisine. On gin, which is kind of a big deal at what is The Button Factory's sister spot, there's a decent opening list to pick from, but there's also a lot more to come — in the form of a gin school and copper stills from which small batch Roundhouse gin will be produced. And if we're ever persuaded to cheat on Otto, we'll be back to try the sourdough pizzas. Dinner menu