"You Choose" - The Early Bird Bakery

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

VenueThe Early Bird Bakery, 28 High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7JT; website 
Choice: Cinnamon roll French toast (£7) Chooser: Chef/owner, Tim

If the world was going to end and you could only save one road in Kings Heath, would it be York, Poplar or Drayton? Because we're guessing it wouldn't be the chaintastic High Street. But if you ever want to try the wonderment that is French toast made from cinnamon rolls (and you do), you're going to have to adjust you're thinking. The bright, light, super-friendly Early Bird Bakery has opened on the quiet end of the High Street and is doing beam-inducing things with brunching. The poshest bacon sanger we've ever tried included ginger beer soaked back bacon and chilli jam (£5.25), while the mushrooms in toast (not a typo) involved olive oil bread, tarragon, thyme, confit garlic and goats cheese — a rich, naughty bear of a plate that was right proper moreish. On cakes, the pretty raspberry and mascarpone cruffin won-out, with the tart fruit cutting through the generous amounts of pastry and creaminess. But if you're only having one dish, of course you're having the French toast, which is available Fridays and Saturdays. Served with burnt orange, blood orange and pecan praline, this creation sat on a sweet, sour, doughy cloud of happy that is truly novel. Have it with a 
Hundred House Coffee and remember how good a High Street can be. Sample menu