"You Choose" - Five Rivers

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Five Rivers, Vicarage Place; Walsall WS1 3NA; website

Choice: Manchurian (£6.50) Chooser: Chef

If you're one of the two people on Earth who have an irrational fear of chandeliers inexplicably disconnecting and, courtesy of gravity, meeting your cranium at pace, firstly, we should meet. Talk it through. Group therapy. Secondly, you should pick your seat at Five Rivers wisely. We were positioned beneath the stunning supernova of a light fitting pictured and "the voices" went into overdrive. Still, they couldn't drown out a seriously superb meal. Five Rivers is hot on the heels of Lasan and Asha's when it comes to the region's best Indian fine-dining and one mouthful in particular was, to coin a playground phrase from the 80s, badly wicked skills. The team's Manchurian look like this. They're fresh garden vegetables, finely diced and bound together - deep fried, then simmered in a full bodied jus. The result? The sudden, eye-popping realisation that vegetarians might well be on to something. Manchurian is on their Father's Day menu. Hire a limo. You're taking him to Walsall.