"You Choose" — Harborne Kitchen

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Harborne Kitchen, 175 - 179 High Street, B17 9QE; website

Choice: Confit Roscoff Onion, Mash & Broth (as part of two-course menu, £22.50) Chooser: Front of house

We're not prone to self-congratulation, but we made a decision at Harborne Kitchen that historians are referring to as 'trailblazing'. The front of house staff convinced us that the vegetarian main — Roscoff onion, heritage carrots, smoked mashed potato, onion and Minus 8 Vinegar broth — was the best thing on the menu, but thanks to our pathetic penchant for meat we found ourselves requesting a side order of beef rump. After a gruelling five second negotiation and in an act of unparalleled humanity, the chef agreed to this Einstein-grade genius. The beef, though brilliant, was utterly upstaged by the veg, smoked mash and in particular the onion reduction. This small pot contains one of the single finest, richest tastes we've ever had the pleasure of experiencing, with not a single animal harmed. This meal was worth every penny. In fact, so impressed were we that we immediately bought our sister-in-law HK vouchers for her birthday. SURPRISE, DAWN! Sample menu