"You Choose" — The Keg & Grill

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: The Keg & Grill, 52 Upper Gough St, B1 1JL; website
ChoiceLamb chop masala (£10.95) Chooser: Bar man

If you're looking for an old school British pub, with original Victorian features in which to while away a full day's supping, the Keg & Grill absolutely isn't for you. Handsome, this venue is not. However, when the food arrives you'll look past the dated carpet, granny furniture and student union paint job. These minor details matter not when the taste is this tip-top. Though the sizzling grills are the restaurant's headline (you don't need to go large on this, regular will suffice for two), it's a spellbinding main that surprised and delighted us, a rare feat being as we've been eating Indian food for 37 years, three months and 16 days. The lamb chops masala is a dish we're going to bore others about from today right to our death bed. Because doctors like curry too. Landing itself in the Venn diagram sweet spot between saucy and dry, the messiest of meaty experiences was rich and warming and conversation-terminatingly good. We'd rank this alongside Imlees incredible Karrara Gosht as one of the deepest and most delicious desi dishes in the city. Menu