"You Choose" - Koba-Ko Ramen at The Juke

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

VenueKoba-Ko Ramen at The Juke, 16 York Road, B14 7RY; website 
Choice: Tokyo Shoyu (£10) Chooser: Owner and chef Sam Hill

It's almost worth having a hangover to have it so expertly expunged by Koba-Ko. The ramen specialists are popping up at 
The Juke, in Kings Heath, throughout February and they poured ice cubes down the vest of our morning-after dip. Big bowls of handmade noodles submerged in a stocky, salty elixir that's been brewed for as long as 12 hours by the two Japan-obsessed chefs and owners, Sam and John. The Tokyo Shoyu is juicy chicken in soy tare and (no we don't know what these are, either) menma and ajitsuke tamago. So heavenly was this cauldron of nectar that at one stage we were tempted to submerge our face clean into the bowl and blow bubbles of brothy glee. The pork tonkotsu, though good, was totally outclassed by this urn of depthy, homely immaculateness. Highlights of the side dishes are the karrage fried chicken (we went back for seconds), the beef neck croquettes and, surprisingly, the marinated tofu with tograshi mayo and crispy leeks. After last week's debacle of a You Choose this is a blissful return to form for Birmingham. And in jukebox Shangri-La, The Juke, Koba-Ko have the perfect hosts for their not-to-be-missed one-month marriage of tenderness. Menu