"You Choose" — Lobster Peninsula

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Lobster Peninsula, 74 John Bright Street, B1 1BN; website

Choice: Lobster chowder (£9.75) Chooser: Alex, Manager

Loveliness. It's not a common word in the "You Choose" vernacular. When it comes to the team at Lobster Peninsula it is however entirely accurate. Every exchange left us wondering whether to go in for a hug — even asking for extra napkins turned into a pleasure. On the subject of which, if it's the LP Platter (£35 pp, pictured) you're planning to graze on, just make the request upfront — between the langoustine, grilled lobster and mussels, it's a markedly messy operation. For your pre-platter picnicking, and a dish we enjoyed more than the platter, focus the mind on the lobster chowder. A creamy bowl of diced veg, and rather more importantly, chunks of Scottish lobster, this bowl of delicious is a comforting hot water bottle of a meal all by itself. But we pushed through to the platter in the name of reputation. And particularly until Feb 28, it's the time to do the same if you're tempted — Lobster Peninsula's giving 50% off all food right through chilly season. T&C