"You Choose" - Miss Macaroon

Each we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Miss Macaroon, 8 Great Western Arcade, B2 5HU; website

Choice: Raspberry macaroon (£1.25) Chooser: Rosie ("Miss Macaroon")

When Miss Macaroon opened her ebullient bolthole on Saturday the business had already made 169,734 circles of splendid out of its Hockley kitchen this year alone. They've worked with Karl Lagerfeld, Adidas Supercolor and a shedload of brides with ideas beyond cake. So it was a given that the product was going to be excellent. From the team's autumn range, to their search for a new savoury flavour, there's more subtlety to this explosion of colour and smiliness than it might first appear. Their raspberry macaroon is founder Rosie's current pick and is filled with fresh raspberries which have been lightly coddled, turned into compote, then run through butter cream. Briefly put, three thumbs up from us. Also on offer is Prosecco, beer by Two Fingers (profits go to Prostate Cancer UK), macaroon mixing decks and a printing service — you can get your face on a macaroon for £1. Your actual face.