"You Choose" - Otto

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Otto, 14 Caroline Street, B3 1TR; website

Choice: 'Nduja, mozzarella and tomato (£8.50) Chooser: Chef

If you own property within 500 metres of Otto, congratulations, the value of your apartment just went up. Precisely the spot you want to call your local, Otto is all about doing the simple things exceptionally. There are six regular pizzas on the menu, and for pudding there's ice-cream — flawless, pistachio filled ice-cream. The use of toppings is masterfully curated — think Wenlock Edge Farm meats and Yester Farm mozzarella — and never at the expense of the main event, a dough that's been mixed and squeezed and kneaded and stretched over hours. Blasted at 500 degrees for 90 seconds, the first bite of our 'Nduja ladened pizza was the mouthful for which we've been searching. With an optimum topping to base ratio, there wasn't a soggy bottom in sight. Rather, there were giving mouthfuls that we greedily crammed in whilst recounting all the people that Otto is going to bring pizza-shaped joy to, in what will be a deservedly long and rudely healthy life. Menu