"You Choose" - Peel & Stone Harborne

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Peel & Stone Harborne, 374 High Street, B17 9RP; website
Choice: Peanut butter & jelly grilled sandwich (£5) Chooser: Happiness

Across a 36 hour period, every meal we ate involved Peel & Stone's new Harbone edition. Starting off with the sort of croissant that will have Parisians buying one-way flights (assuming that's still allowed), almond, pistachio and luscious, buttery pastry converged in all the right ways. A simple sourdough-based lunch proceeded Harborne's answer to a bierkeller. For underneath the bakery, the almost rudely talented team have been developing a super-secret home for a spectacular selection of draft and bottled beers — think everything from Belgium's Le Chouffe to Bristol's Left Handed Giant. Playing equal fiddle, there's a food menu on which to graze. The lamb meatballs (£8) and Cuban Sandwich with mojo marinated pork shoulder (£8.50), were both up there but it was the PB&J grilled sandwich that was ear-marked for 'sharesies' that had us squabbling for scraps. Times. Book.