"You Choose" — Ristorante Caffè Gustami

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Ristorante Caffè Gustami, 4 King Edwards Road, B1 2PZ; website
Choice: Tagliatelle with ragu (£4.90) Chooser: Laura, front of house

Eating here feels like the best hug you've ever had — comforting, authentic and given willingly, with love. After congratulating yourself that you found the unassuming spot (it's close to the JQ, across the roundabout from mega Tesco), you'll spend the next ten minutes talking prices, which aren't much more than a chain-bought coffee for any dish. Next up is an ordering process akin to actually being in Naples — you try some pigeon Italian, then defer every important decision to your waitress. Then you hope, bargain or pray that the dishes will taste as good as you feel. And though simple in preparation and execution, they do. We would have merrily tucked into the homemade tagliatelle served with ragu in any trattoria in Bologna. To start, the antipasti platter is so generous we were given our leftovers to take home (this wasn't really optional). As an intermediary course — which is totally a thing — the calamari was excellent. If we have one regret, it's that we didn't leave room for dessert. Numerous Italian speakers made an appearance during our meal, and if they didn't go for the take out, generally stopped for coffee and cake. In this instance, there will definitely be a next time. Menu