"You Choose" - So Mezze

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: So Mezze & Lounge, 89 Holloway Head, B1 1QP; website
Choice: Set mezze (£20pp) Chooser: Chef

For the first time in its illustrious history, the "You Choose" best dish methodology has hit a glitch — a glorious small plate-filled glitch, known as mezze. To pick a single order when it comes to a food type expressly designed for mixing and sharing and combining would be to entirely miss the point of the Ottoman relic. But what we can thoroughly recommend you do is to ensure that baba ganoush, fatoush, lamb kofta and Arabic flatbread find their way to your plate at the same time. With everything possible cooked over the kitchen's charcoal grill, the meats are as flavour filled and smoky as you'd expect, whilst the veggies and herbs play equal fiddle to their carnivorous brethren in both taste and texture. Housed in a former 'gentelman's club', it's a little hard to get over the feeling that the team could have gone more extreme on the refurb but the part-outdoor shisha garden, complete with raised and semi-private areas actually works rather well for its updated purpose. Good, solid mezze, albeit it is unlikely to change your life. Menu