"You Choose" - St Pauls House

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Saint Pauls House, 15-20 St Paul’s Square, B3 1QU; website

Choice: Crab & dill cocktail with watermelon (£8) Chooser: Waitress, Irina

Saint Pauls House has given its menu a big old thwack of culinary Vitamin E in the form of seasonal herbs, fruits and summery takes on some of the team's favourites. After agonising with us over what to order for an appropriate amount of time, our waitress Irina backed the kitchen's crab and dill cocktail — a decision which put us all in violent agreement. Served with a chunk of compressed watermelon, the dish is tasty, the right amount creamy and kept interesting by tangy dill and a sharp cucumber ketchup which accompanies the pretty looking plate. The addition of lemon and oat granola brings welcome texture to the light, bright dish, for which you'll want to retain some of the freshly baked foccacia made each day by the kitchen's pastry chef. An overcooked and overcrumbed lobster and crab burger was the singular low in an otherwise hugely enjoyable meal, landing somewhere beyond gastro pub without the formality of fine dining — a hard to find offering in Brum. Menu