"You Choose" - Tonkotsu

Once a week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Tonkotsu, Selfridges, The Bullring, B5 4BP; website

Choice: Chicken Karaage (£6) Chooser: Manager, James

We could describe the art of karaage as a Japanese cooking technique, then dress up this week's "You Choose" with ingredients like seasoned wheat flour, varieties of oil and optimum temperatures. Or we could call a proverbial spade a spade. Tonkotsu's fried chicken is freakin' delicious, and while you absolutely should try a ramen while you're in Tonkotsu-town, the karaage stole the noodle-bar style performance. Unavailable at the London outfit's Oxford Street gaff, you will need to share this crispy, succulent (rather generous) "side" if you're going to slurp your way through a main in addition. Which you should. Because for a relatively small menu, there is much to chomp, to cleanse (if you go for a lighter ramen) and to crave. An addition to the city centre that's utterly bound to be popular, with a team already operating as a cohesive unit. Menu