"You Choose" - Viva Brazil

Every week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Viva Brazil, 7 Bennett's Hill, B2 5ST; website
Choice: Full Rodizio (£14.95, but prices vary) Chooser: No choices needed

I Choose Birmingham could have set up a restaurant serving nothing but lychee Rubicon and slightly out of date Twiglets and it would have been a marked improvement on Isaac's, the previous tenant of this building. Pleasingly Viva Brazil have done rather a lot more than that. You know the drill: A dizzying array of meats are slow-roasted over a charcoal barbecue then carved off skewers right at your table. The roasting process means the fattier offerings crisp-up and win out. The beef rib and pork belly were tip-top, for example, while a mouthful of lamb leg could be likened to a military-trained bugler playing Reveille on your tastebuds. The staff also deserve a word-based chest bump. Newly opened and a little nervous, tiny mistakes which will no doubt vanish, were apologised for immediately, making the entire experience utterly charming and very come-againable. Menu