"You Choose" - Zindiya

Each week we walk into a restaurant and make the staff order for us

Venue: Zindiya, 21 Woodbridge Road, Moseley, B13 8EH; website

Choice: Samosa chaat (£4) Chooser: Waiter

Moseley's got a sweetheart. And if you still haven't been, you're 100% right to put Zindiya into the upper echelons of your hit list. Not in a shooty way — that's illegal — but whether you're on date night or going with group of friends, you're going to like it. Settle in with a cocktail list that's got infinitely more game than its equivalents, coming from the cranium of Smultronställe founder, Rob Wood. If you're into heat, LIME2 is a pretty vodka-based, Madras-inspired creation with piquanty pickle being the predominant flavour. On food, get a big ol' mix of the small plates (£3 to £4) to start things off, and make sure that includes the samosa chaat — crispy layers of pastry filled with spicy chickpeas, tamarind and a zippy mint coriander chutney. Despite our wild predisposition towards lamb chops (which devour, we did) it really was the veggie start that had us violently footsie-ing our co-reviewer for final bite rights. Menu; drinks

Imagery: Owen de Visser